When it’s your job to create a culture of happiness for millions of people across the globe, you must first sort out your own happiness. At CELEBRITIES.NG, we believe that happiness begins at home. If you are happy and looking to join a handful of happy people who enjoy writing and sharing interesting stories as they break the internet, then this opportunity is for you.

We are seeking to hire happy, passionate, young and enthusiastically vibrant people to work with us, providing contents and writing interesting stories as they break the internet.

We need talented people (STUDENTS) with diverse interests, who are passionate about thriving in a fast-paced environment where news is published within minutes, the information is shared and it goes viral within the same minutes


At CELEBRITIES.NG, we believe in making an impact and contributing to societal values with the way we write and share our stories. Having you on board means knowing you’ll make an impact and have fun in the process. We are looking for young vibrant students who are ready to make impart while still in school

Student Writers/Editors

CELEBRITIES.NG seeks to apply the Services of young, talented and vibrant STUDENTS capable of writing and reporting breaking news, captivating CELEBRITY stories, Entertainment News, Politics, Biographies and more

Academic Qualifications:

The ideal applicant should be a university/polytechnic student, currently studying any of the following disciplines AND must have a computer, Tablet or Smartphone to work with (ability to use a Computer, Tablet or Smartphone to type or write at a good pace with minimum typo or grammatical errors is a must).

  1. Journalism
  2. Mass communication
  3. Public Relations
  4. English and Literature
  5. Arts & Entertainment


Students will be paid weekly and also rewarded with Internet data plans monthly as bonuses.

How to apply

Interested applicants should send a notice of interest / Application Letter to [email protected]