Following the extention of the two weeks COVID 19 lockdown, residence of Lagos and Ogun state have been experiencing severe unrest by armed robbers.

Yesterday, a group of armed robbers were caught in Ikotun area of Lagos state. Robbers were mainly teenagers and youngsters.

A video of how the teenage robbers were tortured surfaced online. The robbers were seen begging for mercy as they were being tortured in the video.

You will recall that residence of Igando and Ikotun areas of Lagos State fearfully kept vigil on Monday night, April 13, as armed robbers were reported to have robbed residence in several parts of Lagos.

 It was also reported that Iyana-Ipaja residents in Lagos experienced the same thing and took to Twitter to raise awareness about it with the hashtag #Lagosunrest.

Ikotun residents decided to take laws into their hands and they captured some teenagers, then tortured them.

A video from the scene shows the teenagers crying and pleading for mercy as they were flogged and tortured with a hot rod.

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