OVID 19 - Hungry Lagosians mob bus loaded with Agege brea
OVID 19 - Hungry Lagosians mob bus loaded with Agege brea

Following the extension of the two weeks COVID 19 lockdown in Lagos and environs, a video of an hungry mob attacking a danfo bus loaded with Agege bread in Lagos metropolis has surfaced online.

The video which shows scenes of hungry Lagosians attacking a danfo bus and stealing loaves of bread being transported by the bus.

The video clearly explains the state of things in Nigeria as Lagosian are hungry and no longer happy staying at home as palliatives by the government don’t seem to go around the State

In a shocking video shared online by a Twitter user, the angry mob were seen stealing bread from a danfo bus. A twitter user by the name TweetOracle shared the video online and wrote: “Hungry Lagosians ATTACK a busload of bread.

Truly shocking scenes and typical depiction of the hunger in the land.

Our leaders need to do more to make this #LockDown less miserable for Nigerians.

So much suffering,OMG!”

Watch the video below

The tweet has gone viral and shows the sorry state of Lagosians in Agege metropolis

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