Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz
Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz

Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz had the opportunity to come face-to-face with each other in Saudi Arabia for the first time yesterday, Wednesday, September 4th, 2019. This is their first the two heavyweight champions are meeting each other since after Joshua’s surprising defeat by Ruiz.

Anthony Joshua, who was floored four times and beaten in the seventh round by the Mexican on his US debut in New York, has warned that Andy Ruiz Jr, may not set his hands on the IBF, WBA and WBO title bets after December 7, meaning he would defeat Andy Ruiz and take his titles back.

The match between Andy Ruiz and Joshua ended in Ruiz favor, a surprising defeat which many had faulted to be fixed had Joshua’s unbeaten record destroyed. The match also made Joshua lose his world heavyweight title reign and his hope to fight Deontay Wilder to become crown an undisputed champ!

At Wednesday’s press conference in Saudi Arabia, the Briton said:

“I was up against a good challenger. Andy is a champion now.

“That will last until December 7 when he puts his titles in the air. Two warriors to go war and the best man will walk out victorious.

“Being a champion is more than the belts. It’s about a championship mindset. The belts will go up in the air and we will fight for them again.”

He concluded

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