HIV positive girl vows to spread the virus
How Sapele boys will react after reading this message

A chat between a girl and a guy in Sapele Delta has leaked after the girl had vowed to infest as many guys in Sapele as possible with HIV virus. The girl who was reportedly tested for the HIV virus after sleeping with the guy’s brother, Frank, was quite unhappy as she revealed that Frank may have deliberately had sex with her without a condom on.

In the chat, the girl was seen to have revealed to the guy that she has just made out with a guy without a condom, and also stressed that she’s out to infest as many guys as she can in Sapele, Delta State.

The conversation reads as follows:

Dem say you and Frank find me come my sister place

Yes, the thing you do nor good at all, since you don already find out say you tested positive to HIV, you suppose talk to frank and find a way forward, but I surprise for wetting u get for mind

See make I tell you, if not for that ur stupid brother Frank I for nor this wahala, no problem sha, Na me and Sapele boys for this town, I go make sure say I distributor this HIV to as many as I can, just chill

Haba why u dey talk like this naa

Abeg get out, I don make up my mind, I just sleep with one guy without condom

Chat screenshot below:

With this kind of messages, Sapele boys you guys are in a serious mess…be warned and stay protected!!!

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Nigerian girl vows to infest as many guys as possible with HIV in Sapele

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