Viral CCTV Footage of thief
CCTV footage of man stealing inside a church

A CCTV video footage has gone viral and currently trending the internet. The video which shows the moment a man dressed in a blue sweatshirt, and looking very gentlemanly ended up stealing a lady’s phone inside a church.

According to the reports, the incident happened yesterday, Sunday in “La Redonda church in Guayaquil, Ecuador”, and the man who perpetrated the incident was identified as a member and Parishioner of the said church.

The CCTV video footage showed how the man had quietly sneaked his hands into the lady’s bag and stole the phone. The woman who was kneeling in the pew just after the suspect’s seat was unaware that her bag apparently laying on the chair behind her was being ransacked by the thief.

Watch video below

CCTV Footage photo of their
Viral CCTV Footage photo
Viral CCTV Footage of thief
CCTV footage of man stealing inside a church
CCTV Footage photo
CCTV footage of the man walking away

The man who also took a kneeling position forward inside his pew was able to perpetrate the act successfully even though there was another lady behind him who was also unaware of the man’s actions.

The man who pretended to be praying quietly deep his hands into the bag and made away with the phone without both women noticing and sneak it into a black nylon bag. He eventually stood up and quietly walked away after a successful and smooth operation. The most ridiculous thing was that he made a sign of the cross as walks out of the church.

Watch the video below:

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