Cum Necklace made of sperm

People could do different things for love, but this is one such thing really taken too far. Just when you think you have seen it all, BOOM! something new pops up outta nowhere. So is the story of this lady who made a necklace out of her boyfriend’s sex fluid aka sperm!

Haven made the priceless necklace, the lady took to her twitter handle to share a picture of it, and it has gone viral and has got a lot of people talking about it.

Cum Necklace made with sperm

The necklace was made with a tiny small bottle apparently filled with her boyfriend’s sperm and then locked tight with a knot. A black rope was seen attached the knot which is to be tied to the neck!

According to the lady who is obviously obsessed and madly in love with boyfriend, said she made the necklace so she can have a little piece of him around her.