English Premiership: Manchester United Defeat Chelsea 4:0
English Premiership: Manchester United Defeat Chelsea 4:0

Chelsea has begun their Premiership campaign today with a stunning defeat from Manchester United. The London side lost to Man. United 4 goals unreplied. Many Man United fan had called the defeat an “embarrassing welcome” to Frank Lampard who had just taken over the management of the club

As much as Chelsea came very close to scoring in the first half, hitting the woodwork twice, in the end, they were ritually humiliated by Manchester United. And alright two of their defensive pillars didn’t feature enough; N’Golo Kanté only played the last 30 minutes and Antonio Rudiger didn’t play at all, but they were so, so bad in the second half at Old Trafford.

Truth be told they weren’t even that good in the first-half, it was more a case of United being similarly incompetent as they tried to play expansive football. The difference is United didn’t make defensive mistakes and found their attacking rhythm. Chelsea made errors and then also had no idea what their rhythm was. They played youngsters, sure, but to what end? What style were they employing? No one knows.

And that’s a big, big problem. Sure they won’t always be coming away to Old Trafford, but the Premier League is no joke even outside the big six and so Chelsea’s ramshackle squad and non-existent tactical plan is going to have a real fight on their hands if they are to retain their top-six place (let alone trying to get more).

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