Officials from the Santa Catarina Civil Police’s Investigative Unit had seized eight semi-assembled replicas of Ferraris and Lamborghinis cars in a factory located in Santa Catarina state, southern Brazil.

The Police said the replicas were being sold via social media for between 180,000 Brazilian reals ($48,000) and 250,000 Brazilian reals ($66,000), a fraction of the list price for an original vehicle. According to motoring website, the starting price for a Ferrari is around $215,000.

Tools, molds, fibers and frames used to manufacture the cars were also seized during the raid, police said.

The shop is believed to be owned by a father and son, who were both arrested, and currently facing criminal trials for falsifying commercial property. The pair are thought to be the largest manufacturers of bootleg luxury vehicles in Brazil.

The investigation began when Ferrari and Lamborghini’s representatives contacted the Santa Catarina Civil Police department a couple weeks ago, filing complains of fake replicas of their car brands being manufactured and sold online by the suspects

Manufacturing of fake supercars is not a new thing in Brazil, In 2010, a Thai man shot himself to fame for his ability to build replica Ferraris, Porsches, and Aston Martins luxury cars