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“Why do poor people treat other poor people badly” – Laura Ikeji queries


Nigerian Fashion blogger and content creator, Laura Ikeji, has asked an introspective question on the way poor people treat other poor people.

Laura Ikeji tool to her Instagram story to note that poor people treated poor people bad and she did not understand the reason.

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According to Laura Ikeji, she grew up thinking it was rich people who were wicked but now she was grown, she realized it was the other way round.

She wrote;

“Poor people treat poor people badly so much. Why? You would think they’d understand where the other poor person is coming from but nah! They do worse than rich people SOMETIMES. We grew up thinking rich people were arrogant and wicked. Now give the poor man 0.01% of that rich man’s money then see how he plays God.

Have u seen how SOME poor people treat people who work or live with them?”

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"Why do poor people treat other poor people badly" - Laura Ikeji queries

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