Home Entertainment News “Judge a book by it’s cover” – Nigerian man advises fellow men

“Judge a book by it’s cover” – Nigerian man advises fellow men


A Nigerian man has advised other men to judge women by their cover as it means who they are.

The man, Brian Dennis, took to Facebook to advise men to be wary of women that exposes their bodies.

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According to him, a man shouldn’t marry a woman who exposes herself and then expects her to not cheat. He compared it to choosing to drink acid and being surprised that acid burns.

He wrote;

“Don’t judge a book by the cover” is why most men married a woman that posts breast and yansh on the internet and then they get surprised when she starts cheating.

If you warn them before they enter they will tell you ”Even girls that wear Mary Amaka cheat too” 

The difference between the two sets of women is that one is pretending to be a good person and it is not your fault you fell for their deception but the other one isn’t pretending, na you open your two big eyes enter because you saw breast and yansh that all of us on Facebook have already seen.

Some people will also argue that the lady posting breast and yansh on the internet might be a saint in real life and not hooking up with random men but if you see two glasses where one is labeled ”water” and the other labeled “acid” and you go ahead and drink the acid, why will you be acting surprised that it is acid you drank?

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"Judge a book by it's cover" - Nigerian man advises fellow men

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