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#EndSARS Memorial: “They unleashed nothing short of EVIL on its citizens” – DJ Switch (video)


One of the leaders and front liners during the #EndSARS protest in October, 2020, DJ Switch, has taken to Instagram to drop an anniversary post for the #EndSARS memorial held yesterday, 20th October, 2021, in honour of the lives lost.

Following the massive outpour of demonstration and support from Nigerians, DJ Switch also came out to stand with fellow Nigerians once again to the #LekkiMassacre victims.

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#EndSARS Memorial: "They unleashed nothing short of EVIL on its citizens" - DJ Switch (video)

She shared a video from the past year on her Instagram and wrote;

”On this day, last year 20.10.20 we were filled with hopes that young Nigerians took a solid stand. Through all the government’s antics, lies, counter protesters and thugs that were sent to attack us… we stood our ground!

When the Nigerian government exhausted all their poorly planned tactics… they unleashed nothing short of EVIL on its citizens. I’ve not been able to talk today… and I cannot imagine what others who had it worse, feel! I am so proud of our young generation of leaders and our celebrities that have shown great leadership. I also must say, it is not a one day affair… this is a fight for the very fabric of our nation!

My life changed on this day… for worse!But, I also believe it changed for good! I now know what it means to need something so bad… and that need for me is a better Nigeria! To the youths who risked it all today in order to remember 20.10.20, are in every bit Superman/Superwoman!

Thanks to @davido for an anthem to remember!”

Watch the video below …

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