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“We shall never forget 20th October, 2020!!!”


A year ago Nigeria recorded an abnormal death of youths in the hands of a police division, SARS.

Nigerians thus decided to exercise their rights and took to the street in a peaceful protest of the lives lost. We wielded placards clothes, flags, and our voices to ask the government to scrape off the SARS division and save the life of the citizens.

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The brave Nigerians on a peaceful protest was however met with guns and bullets and had their clothes stained with their blood and the blood of others who once stood with us.

The peaceful demonstration turned out a massacre. Not only in Lekki, but in different parts of the country.

#LekkiMassacre 😭

Today, as we will do every year, we sympathize with the family and friends of all those whose lives were lost during the protest, brave people, brave souls.

And we say that they shall never be forgotten!

20th October, 2020



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