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Actor, Stan Nze, reveals tough life as a Nigerian celebrity


Nollywood actor, Stan Nze, has shared what some of the discomforts he faces as a celebrity are.

The actor who became popular after his role in Rattlesnake: The Ahanna Story noted that one of the things he has to face is the deprivation of his privacy. He lamented about not being able to do things in private anymore because everywhere he goes, people see him and want to take pictures even when he does not feel like.

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He disclosed this in an interview with Vanguard.

The actor was asked;

“There is constant public attention on celebrities, do you sometimes wish for more privacy?”

To which Stan replied;

“Absolutely. It is tough to lose your privacy as a celebrity. Right now, I go out with my wife and most times I will have my facemask, glasses and face cap but my wife doesn’t like the discomfort she gets from the face mask or care about the glasses. If you have seen my wife; you have seen me. People instantly recognize us. In traffic, they are also waving at us. It just feels like you can’t really do anything in private anymore. You can’t just go somewhere, sit down, relax and be taken care of. People will recognize you and want to take photos or want to greet you or tell you about the last films they watched and saw you in. I mean, that is amazing. Sometimes you will love the recognition and that’s like the greatest reward you will get for your work – people appreciating your work. But, there is no drawing the line anymore. Every day is a celebrity day. Every day, you have to take pictures, be nice, smile at people and be there for them even when you don’t feel like it. Nobody even cares how you are feeling. If you want to take pictures, you have to smile because you don’t have a choice”

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