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Veteran, actress, Joke Silva recounts how she was chased by market women in Lagos


Veteran Nollywood actress, Joke Silva, has narrated an encounter with market women in Lagos who gave her a hot chase years ago.

She revealed this in an interview with The Bees when she was asked about some memorable moments she had in her acting career. The actress noted that it one of her performances in Owulorojo, a 1993 Yoruba TV series.

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The actress who has been in the entertainment industry – movie – for about 40 years narrated an encounter where she was chased by market women over her TV performance when she came into limelight in 1993.

She said;

“The women had been so carried away by my scintillating performance in that TV series that when they saw me they were star-struck and started chasing me, saying they were thrilled by my performance in that movie.

“But, you know, and just going into the market as I used to do. I had forgotten that people had watched Owulorojo and so getting to the market and being chased by all the market women and me running. They were all saying “E ma sa. Mo like ise yin” ( Don’t run, we just like your acting). That was very interesting”

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