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Nollywood actress, Sindodo Tayo, loses mum


Nollywood actress, Sindodo Tayo, has taken to Instagram to announce the death of her mother.

She shared this morning, September 7.

She captioned the picture;

”Erin wo!

Iya mi ..

Abiamo tooto

Alabaro miiiii


My jewel of inestimable value…

This is literally a hard blow for me….

And to think I still saw you 2days ago

Ti to bi re olohun

I didn’t see this coming….

Tears keep rolling & won’t stop…

Bt what can I do?

Ko si

I pray almighty Allah grants you aljannah firdau & forgive all your short comings

May your beautiful soul rip ?

To everyone that called & came over Eshey modupe

And if I didn’t pick your calls I’ll definitely get back….Eshey modupe

Ani fi ru eleyi san Amin’

May her mother’s soul rest in peace, Amen.

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