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Woman Gives Birth To A Newborn Baby Girl That Has Twin Foetus Inside Her


Doctors have successfully operated out embryos of a growing twin from the stomach of a newborn baby girl.

This is a rare medical condition that was earlier recorded by doctors in Israel this month, according to a report by The Times of Israel

The case which is referred to as “fetus-in-fetu” occurred at Assuta Medical Center in Ashod, Israel.

Medical officials have said that it was a 1-in-500,000 medical rarity.

Before the baby was born, medical checks and ultrasound examinations of her mother showed that the child had a large stomach, larger than a baby should have.

It was thereafter confirmed after her birth that there was a twin embryo inside her stomach.

The baby underwent ultrasound examinations and an X-ray before the doctors operated out two more formations from inside her stomach.

She is reportedly recuperating and is expected to make a full recovery soon. She has been discharged together with her mother.

Explaining the circumstances that lead to “fetus-in-fetu”, Omer Globus Globus said there are several factors one of which involves the pregnancy starting as twins but one of the embryos getting absorbed by the other.

It happens as part of the fetal development process when there are cavities that close during development and one of the embryos enters such a space.

“The fetus inside partially develops but does not live and remains there,” the medical director said.

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