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A Student Entrepreneur Who Converted His Room To A Provision Shop Has Employed Someone


A Nigerian student has left notable impressions on netizens as he revealed that he converted his hostel into a mini-mart.

The 300-level student of Imo State University, Owerri, Ezidiukwu Chinemerem Prosper, shared the pictures of his business growth on Facebook. From the picture, we can see that goods are stocked in his room.

When LegitNg interviewed him, Prosper said that so far, the business has been going on fine and that he was able to employ another person now to look after the business for him.

The Imo indigene revealed that he started the business in his first year in the university beccause he was uncertain about what the future held for him. Life as a Nigerian student can be frustrating if you have no one to help you.

He said,
“I have been selling since my first year.

“Just that i had to stop during the pandemic.

“I started back again after the pandemic.

“My decision was influence my the fact that i had extra cash with me when i entered uni. I didn’t know how hard school would be like so i had to put the money in good use.

“I bought a fridge and started selling with little stock.”

Prosper is now an employer of labour as he got someone to assist him in the business.

On how he combines it with academic work, the young man admitted that it was very difficult at the onset but with time he got the hang of it.

He relished the massive support and patronage of students in the hostel and around gave him.

“Starting was difficult cos i had to mix it with school and i was lagging in the business( My priority is to my education) but as time goes on and i started making extra cash from my other businesses like, Sells of Data, TV Cable subscription, Electricity unit etc…

“I was able to employ someone and don’t worry. I’m good with inventory. I increase my stock and that was a risk cos i didn’t think My inmates would patronize me to that extent but so far business as been going well.”

The reactions and comments from people show that they are impressed with his quick thinking and entrepreneurial spirit.

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