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“He will kill me with his manhood” – Lady Reveals Why She Rejected Boyfriend’s Proposal (video)


A Ghanaian lady has revealed on live radio that the reason she rejected her boyfriend’s marriage proposal was because of his penis size.

Nana during the radio broadcast

The lady, identified as Nana Adwoa, made this confession during a radio interview in Ghana. According to Nana, her boyfriend’s penis is gigantic and she wouldn’t be able to cope with it if they get married.

In the interview video making rounds on social media, Nana, who spoke in a native Ghanaian language, said she met her boyfriend called Emmanuel through a friend who gave him her phone number.

They began to communicate on the phone before they eventually met. She said that she was pleased with his physical appearance. Unfortunately, his penis was too big and she struggled every time they had sexual intercourse.

Based on this, Nana decided to discontinue the relationship because she couldn’t cope with the pain she felt during penetration.

If you understand Ghana language, watch the video below,

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