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“Blogs are still carrying my story in another man’s name.” – Man Bemoans Wrong Name Attribution


An internet user identified as Anthony Dim has been crying out about his post circulating websites, WhatsApp groups and blogs with another person’s name.

This piece was written by Anthony on his Facebook account on the 9 July. Weeks later, his attention was called to it that the post was being shared in WhatsApp groups, but with a journalist’s name – Dare Babarinsa.

Anthony took to his Facebook once more to draw the attention to the case. At first, he was conflicted because a few persons assured him that the elder journalist, Dare, was not one to plagiarize.

Dare was called out to the news of the article going round in his name and he (Dare) finally posted a disclaimer that the article was not his.

Dare's disclaimer

The matter is supposed to be over by now, only for Anthony to still see the post published this morning credited on Nairaland and credited to Dare.

Nairaland's post

However, this seems to be have become a case where a lie is said over and over till it becomes the truth.


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