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Aishat Ganiyu, A Young Nigerian Lady Who Escaped Prostitution In Mali Tells Her Story


A young Nigerian lady, Aishat Ganiyu, has narrated her experience in Mali. In a video interview with LegitTV, she said she made the trip because she thought the value of money there will be bigger.

Aishat said that it was when she got to Mali that the people who facilitated her trip revealed that she will be working as a prostitute.

It is not a surprise that most agents do not run mere favours. There is always something attached. However, Aishat did not know this.

She said;

“They didn’t want me to leave.”

When she was told the actual job she was to do in Mali, Aishat refused, saying that the job she left behind in Lagos was better than the option of prostitution.

According to her, they threatened her that said she could not return to Nigeria even if she wanted to.

With this horribly traumatic experience, Aishat said she is never going abroad again even if better opportunities present themselves. The young lady added that she would rather open a shop and make N5 as gain in her country than go anywhere else.

She also said that all the Nigerian ladies she met there were into prostitution.

While she was in Mali, the 25-year-old revealed that she had to run to safety where she met people who helped her get back to Nigeria.

On her return to Nigeria, her father welcomed her like a prodigal daughter and gave her a shop space to kickstart her new life. She said all she needs now is money to fill it up with wares.

You can watch the interview with Legit TV on YouTube with the link; https://youtu.be/Q0bayYga9e0

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