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Nigerian Man Meets His Car Spoilt And A Note Attached By The Spoiler


A Nigerian man recently had his car side-mirror knocked-off but was amazed to see that the offender (who could have simply disappeared) dropped a note with his contact information and also apologized for the damage caused.

The damage

According to the man identified as Nifemi, in his Instagram post, he wishes that everyone in Nigeria would be civil just like the man who knocked off his mirror.

It was to my greatest shock after close of work today about heading home when I found my side mirror on the bonnet 😩. Totally knocked off from it’s hook

As I was still preparing to get ready to chose how I will express my anger , behold I found a letter on my windscreen .

Immediately my rage of anger vanished !! Woow ! What a gentleman man he is . Such a responsible fellow . I said to myself .

If everyone in this country can be this civil and responsible

Aim sharing with you is to learn from it too ..

My reply to him , it may be my turn to offend someone else tomorrow .

A lot of person wondered why I sent this type of reply and wondered if I am a typical Nigeria 😂.

I am o , Infact a conc one .. but think about it , there’s really nothing in this life . Take it easy , forgive easily , move on quickly . And don’t hold on to anything.

The post

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