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Update On The Little Girl Who Set Prince Ebeano Supermarket On Fire (videos)


On the 17th of July, a rapturous fire engulfed a supermarket in Abuja.

The fire was so much that firefighters were called to the scene to put it out because the residents in the area was unable to do so on their own.

This supermarket, Prince Ebeano supermarket, is a supermarket situated in Lokogoma, Abuja. Reports that were filed on that day stated that the fire was so massive it burned throughout Saturday night, from the time the fire started to Sunday morning, even with the presence of the firefighters and their firefighting tools.

Later on, a CCTV footage of the alleged person who set the fire was released. At first, people argued that it was a young lady that perpetrated this act, but when the recording was shown clearer and police made an arrest, it was discovered that it was a nine-year-old who set fire to the supermarket.

From the video, the little girl was seen around the gas area of the supermarket around 7 pm. Her eyes kept darting around to be sure that nobody watched her. She then picked up a lighter, struck it, waited for the fire to catch on before she quickly disappeared from the scene.

Also, she was later seen observing her cruel handiwork from a distance.

The speck of fire grew into an engulfing inferno because of the section were the fire was lit – the gas section.

After the arrest was made, the girl confessed that her mother took her to the supermarket to buy a drink and she snuck out to light the fire.

She said, during the interrogation,

“We went to the market first before going to the shop. My mummy was with my sister at the drink session,” she told investigators.

Here is a link to the video when she lit the fire.

here are videos of the interrogation and blazed building;

It is a very sad case as goods worth 3 billion plus building were damaged.

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