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“No reception, yet I got wedded in church.” – Young Man Prides In Himself Over His Economical Wedding


A newly married man identified as Onyedikachukwu George Nnadozie has taken his celebration to the internet.

He was wedded in church and had absolutely nobody present except the priest.

As we know, Nigerians are in unconsciously in a battle of who has the most glamorous wedding among their peers. This man, smart man, was not willing to spend all that money because he did not see a reason to.

He is not ashamed to say it. On the contrary, he is proud of himself.

Read him;

“No reception, yet I got wedded in Church. If there was anything shameful about it (there was none), it would have expired on that day and everyone would move on with their life.

If I had borrowed money just to please everyone, by now, I would be running around seeking for ways to pay up while others would have forgotten they attended reception and are rice. I am sure that the various social media trend might have also replaced the memories. No one even remember that there was or there was no reception.

Many times, people think that they will recover the money they spent on reception… I am not Obi Cubana. Nobody is donating cows and dollars on my behalf. So I’d rather cut my coat according to my size. If I don’t have coat, I wear t-shirt and move on. The most important thing is the marriage!

It didn’t stop me from being married. Don’t kill yourself just to meet up with societal pressure! Do what you can, let no one force you to obey rules that doesn’t even exist.

Let the picstory begin…


© Onyedikachukwu George Nnadozie”

We are happy for him really.

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