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“My wife charges me 200 dollars per each anal s3x.” – Ghanaian Man Laments, Seeks Advice


A married Ghanaian man is confused over the best decision to take in his marriage.

According to him, his wife who was initially put off by the idea of an anal s3x with him – her husband – suddenly came to him willingly and consented to the s3xual fantasy and experience.

She however mentioned to him that she would be charging him a token each time they engaged in the coitus. To the man, what she charged was ‘chicken change’ and he was more than satisfied to pay the fee in exchange for the anal s3x.

His confusion set in, sadly for him, after he followed and observed a series of the recent episodes shown on Citi TV/Citi FM’s ‘Sister Sister’, where a woman said that she paid her boyfriend’s friend GHS100 for ‘a head’ because her own boyfriend would not do it.

This comment sparked reactions from people who condemned the actions of the woman ‘paying GHS100 per head’ because it made her a prostitute and she was cheating on her boyfriend.

The man was suddenly torn in his feelings over the transactional s3x he has with his wife. He forthwith thinks that it is wrong and might mean something different to the wife.

Thereafter, he wrote to the hostess of the show, Jessica Opare Saforo, that he feels that by paying his wife money for s3x, he is making her a prostitute. He needed an advice on whether or not to continue paying his wife for s3x as he was also not sure if she would consent to allowing him have his way without the payment.

In his letter to the hostess, he wrote;

“…I mentioned this fantasy to her only after we got married. She was really disgusted by the thought of it, it has dampened my spirit. I never thought or brought the subject again because of her reaction. Three months down the line, she offered to let me have my way only if I was willing to gift her 200 dollars per session. I was elated at the idea because that’s a chicken change to me…,” the man’s letter to Jessica read in part.

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