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Government Suspends Schools’ Resumption Indefinitely


Due to the rising rate of banditry in the state, the Kaduna State government has suspended the reopening of school after the holiday. The suspension applies to schools in all the local government areas of the state.

The state governor, El Rufai, elucidated the reason behind this decision in a stakeholders’ meeting yesterday being Monday. He explained that the government was concerned about the safety of the school children as banditry and kidnapping were becoming an order in the state.

He notified the Nigerian Unions of Teacher (NUT), Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) and other professional bodies present at the meeting that the suspension was a plot to flush out the tyrants, thieves, kidnappers and murderers walking through the state.

He also mentioned to them that troops have been deployed into the state.

He declared this suspension necessary to protect life of citizens, and to protect the state.

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