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Child Lists Names Of Abusers


Children are fragile humans. Most times we overlook them as not sensitive or still oblivious to a lot of things, but some have a certain degree of consciousness from a young age that leaves people impressed.

It is notable that a lot of damaged adults had their first experiences with mental trauma during childhood. In spite of institutions set up to protect abused children, it seems like some adults are cursed to never stop.

You see some videos and you shake your head and cry because even animals would not do this. Things that are inherently, biologically, morally and scripturally wrong are meted out on children by these twisted people with demonic urges.

The list you see below is a boy who started to write down people that touched him. He might have been threatened by the perpetrators of the dastardly act, but his smart self began to keep a list.

Until the parents stumbled on it, they had no idea that the child was going through such unforgivable experiences in the hands of older people.

Parents, guardians, siblings, always monitor the child around you. Monitor your children, restrict them from entering some places and always check their privates when you bath them.

Do not stop bathing them till they have come of the age where you can use codes to subtly teach them about the human behavior and biological organs. Do not leave them with neighbors for too long. Be gentle when asking them questions.

Protect a child today.

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