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Angry Nigerian Man Shares Details On How His Girlfriend Damaged His Property, Faked A Pregnancy And Hacked His Phone


A tired Nigerian man has taken to his Twitter handle to share the details of his toxic relationship. In a thread, the man shared how the girlfriend who was angry blew things out of proportion and spoilt his property.

The thread has left users in awe and shock and the responses are equally matching. Currently, internet users are trolling the girl on all social media platforms and are calling her out over her ex’s accusations.

The man whose name is Biyi Nifemi, and whose handle on the social media platform, Twitter, is @thebiyitudors, shared the details early this morning.

In his tweet, he said that some girls are ‘destructive sociopaths’ and that nobody is ready to have the conversation.

He then followed up the tweet in threads that contained voice notes, images and screenshots of the things the girlfriend vandalized and spoilt, which included a TV, an award, laptop and perfumes.

The girlfriend, whose name has been identified as Sabena Akinbuli did not offer any reason for her dangerous actions. In the voice note shared, the girl is heard saying, “You see, let me tell you something, you can’t know what you’ve done to me, so me too, I will not care about what I’ll do to you.”

She even went as far as hacking his phone and unblocking herself on all his social media platforms.

To crown it all, she faked a pregnancy and subsequent abortion in order to keep the relationship longer.

Here are some screenshots to top it all;

Listen to the voice note below;

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