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#BBNaija: Angel, “My first boyfriend died in 2019 and it took a toll on my mental health.” (Video)


During the session today, Angel, the first female housemate to grace the house has talked a bit about herself.

In the video making its round now online, and which was shared on her Instagram handle, Angel said that she had always herself unable to cope with school.

She said that her mother who is not in Nigeria was not even aware that she dropped out of University of Port Harcourt after two weeks.

She also said that in those two weeks, she did not attend school. She found it hard to keep up with the high grades expected from the school. For instance, A grade was a score of 96.

She also described how her boyfriend died and that it took a strenuous mental toll on her.

While we can understand that not everybody will have a strong suit for schooling or formal education, but we also wonder if this is an indirect message saying she is not book wise and never made any attempt as she said she was instead, “cruising through life.”

Here is the video.


Here’s what she posted;

“Here’s a bit of my story , School has never been my strongest suit and I’ve always wondered where my place in the world was especially with a lot of the people I went to school with graduating , in 2019 I lost my boyfriend and it took a toll on my mental health , I started self harming . My quest in finding my place in the world is part of the reasons I ended up here today”

View the screenshot below.

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