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Shocking News: Man Returns Home After 47 Years


A Kenyan man, James Mwaura, disappeared 47 years ago from an errand where he was sent to a shop to buy rice for the family.

At the time of his shocking disappearance, he was 23 years old. 47 years later, at 90 years old, James Mwaura (the man in a blue suit) found his way back to his home in Molo, Nakuru County. This was made possible by Facebook app.

According to CitizenDigital, James had lost his way while on the errand and found himself in Nairobi, Kenya, where he did not know anyone. From there he went ahead to Naro Moru in Nyeri County where he settled down and eventually married a woman.

Years later, he was scrolling through Facebook when on happenstance, he saw a familiar face on his feed. He engaged the person and through their conversation, realized that the boy was his nephew. After a while of talking, James set a date for his return and took everyone by surprise on Thursday, July 22.

Mwaura informed the family members that he is happily married, and has three children and four grand children.

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