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Reno Omokri: Jack Of All Trade And Master Of None?


Yesterday, a battle of intellect ensued between Reno Omokri, the activist and lawyer, and Maazi Ogbonnaya Okoro, an Igbo intellectual.
Reno Omokri made a post about the Itsekiris and the Igbos, a post which the young man disproved and countered. Reno blocked him from making further comments on his Profile.

The undaunting young man took to Twitter to blast the self-acclaimed historian and educationist.

In a recent twist of events, updates are that Reno Omokri sent a message in the late hours of yesterday to Maazi Ogbonnaya about having an interview like two civil people. He went further to ask the young man to keep the conversations private. This does not seem to be genuine as the young man found out in the morning that contrary to what Reno said to him about privacy, he (Reno) posted the pictures publicly and alleged that the Maazi Ogbonnaya did not reply him.

Maazi Ogbonnaya has taken to his social media to call out Reno over the shameful act in which he betrayed his very own words.
Here are the pictures of the exchange below;

A screenshot of the message sent by Reno to Maazi;

We also learned that apparently, the same message was sent to Uche Chuta and that Reno and Chuta have held a ‘debate’ on Reno’s YouTube account.

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