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Independence Day Speech: Buhari declares war on Corruption

Full text of President Muhammadu Buhari Independence Day Message to Nigerians
Muhammadu Buhari Independence Day Message to Nigerians

President Muhammadu Buhari in His Independence Day speech has declared war on corruption and other illicit practices including cyber crime.

The president stated that while the Ministry of Justice, the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission will continue to address this menace, the recent partnership with friends abroad to combat tax evasion, smuggling, terrorism and illicit financial flows will also help a great deal.

In the President’s words, “I assented to the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act, to provide a domestic legal framework for obtaining international assistance in criminal matters,this measure has already strengthened our law enforcement agencies in obtaining evidence, investigating suspects and facilitating the recovery, forfeiture and confiscation of property implicated as proceeds of crime.”

In this connection, he called upon State government to intensify their own efforts to instill greater fiscal transparency and accountability and to ensure greater efficiency and optimum use of our very scarce resources.

He also called upon all Nigerians, at home and in diaspora to combat Corruption at every turn. By choosing to question and confront corrupt practices, by reporting unethical practices or through whistleblowing.

He further emphasized on unity among Nigerians as this he disclosed is part of the panacea to eradicate corruption.

He assured the citizens that Nigeria will emerge from our present challenges stronger and more resilient than ever but only if all of us join hands to entrench Good Governance, foster Inclusive Economic Development, and defend and protect our Nation from ill wishers.

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