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#Genevieve and Lynxx, dating rumor! is there something we do not know yet?

Lynxxx and Geneveive Hanging out
Rapper Lynxxx and Genevieve Nnaji hanging out together

First, this is for the duo, (Geneveive and Lynxx) you guys look perk and we hope to see more of this in the future.

Now let’s get on with the gist, looks like Genevieve and Lynxx are cooking up something I would love to tag “beautiful”. But frankly speaking, we really don’t know much about it yet, so I will assume it is still a rumor, but it is all over twitter and it is trending today, Sunday 8th September 2019.

Here is a video of Genevieve and Lynxxx, and they seem really perk with each other

Is Genevieve and Lynxxx dating? Often times celebrity dating stories start from rumors and counter rumors but at the end, they are often true, and we hope and pray this one comes out true for Genevieve and Lynxx. Will keep you all abreast as more of this unfold. So, stay connected with us or loose out on this juicy scoop.

For those who do not know who Lynxxx is, here is a brief about him. He is a Nigerian hip-hop recording artist, and an entrepreneur. He hasn’t been singing for a while now since he became ‘born again”.

In 2010 he released his debut studio album “This is Lynxxx” and went on to become the first Nigerian artist to be endorsed by Pepsi. He spent more of this time preaching and talking about been born again on social media this days and has always been loved by many because of his controversial posts and comments on, sex, abstinence and marriage!



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