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See the Army Captain who helped Notorious kidnapper, Hamisu Wadume escape arrest after ordering the Killing of 5 policemen

Tijjani Balarabe the Nigerian Army captain who freed Kidnapper, killing 5 Policemen
Tijjani Balarabe the Nigerian Army captain who freed Kidnapper, killing 5 Policemen

The Photos of Army captain, Tijjani Balarabe who freed Kidnapper, killed policemen has surfaced on the internet. The army captain, Tijjani Balarabe is on kidnapper’s payroll, the kidnapper, Hamisu Wadume had earlier confessed!

Recall the story of the Five Nigerian policemen who were shot dead in Taraba state, weeks ago while conveying a Notorious Kidnapper Hamisu Wadume to Abuja for interrogation and possible arrest. The Five police met their waterloo in the hands of the Nigerian army on their way to Abuja following orders that were given to them by their captain, to kill the five policemen. The news generated a lot of reactions by Nigerians online.

Notrious Kidnapper Arrested

Last week, the Nigerian Police apparently unhappy with the incident rearrested the Kidnapper within a fortnight after the incident. The suspect has since then been in police custody and has made several revelations. One of such revelation is having the army captain in his payroll

Photos of Captain Tijjani Balarabe, the Nigerian army captain that helped Taraba Kidnap Kingpin, Hamisu Wadume escape while being transported by policemen to Taraba State Police headquarters has surfaced following the confession of the re-arrested suspect.

Wadume on Tuesday, August 20, also revealed how the army captain freed him from police custody. He said the soldiers drove him to the barracks before he was taken to the army captain’s house, where a welder was invited to cut off the hand and leg chains. He also made other shocking revelations read more here

Here is a brief info about the army captain:

Captain Balarabe was born in Tudun Fera, one of the communities in Jos North Local Government of Plateau state. He was recruited during the Nigerian Army’s 35 Regular In-take of 1993, just before former Head of State Ibrahim Babangida created the now-disbanded National Guards.

Tijjani Balarabe the Nigerian Army captain who freed Kidnapper, killing 5 Policemen
Tijjani Balarabe the Nigerian Army captain who freed Kidnapper, killing 5 Policemen

10 years after getting enlisted, he joined Nigerian Army’s 2 Battalion then based in Bori Camp, Port Harcourt in Rivers State, as part of the United Nations-backed Nigerian contingent to Liberia in 2003.

“He was one of the soldiers assigned to escort duties for our commanding officer,” a retired soldier told Daily Trust.

Though he didn’t further his education beyond secondary school, Balarabe soon got lucky in his military career.

“He was posted to be part of a team providing security cover to a former military administrator of one of the states in the North-East,” one military personnel said.

From being posted to one of the most respected, professional and prestigious military units in the Army, the Guards Brigade, Balarabe became a sergeant and served as a driver to senior army officers. Sources said he was once attached to a former Director of Military Intelligence (DMI) as a personal driver. He also attended a military course at the Warrant Officers’ Academy in Jaji Military Cantonment.

Daily Trust reported that Balarabe was commissioned as a military officer in early 2000s even though his certificates were found “questionable.” He was reportedly detained in a guardroom for over a year after he allegedly presented a secondary school certificate which the screening board said belonged to someone else.

Unfazed by the certificate scandal, the Plateau-born military gave it another shot and was decorated as a lieutenant in 2013 after attending a training for Executive Commission category.

“Because he was popular at the Mambilla barracks, his friends who were doing business at Mammy Market adorned the walls of their shops with the pictures he took in his officer rank during pass out,” said another officer.

It was further learned that he sustained a gunshot injury following an attack by Boko Haram insurgents on his deployment to the North-East.

“He came back for home treatment and stayed in Mambilla Barracks until he was fit enough to return to active duty,” the source, now the security chief of a private company, said.

Captain Balarabe who was in Abia before being transferred to the army barracks in Takum community of Taraba State, was reportedly building a bakery in Jos after the completion of his two-bedroom apartment before his link to Hamisu Wadume was uncovered.

“He was on the verge of importing some modern equipment to kick-start production when this saga erupted,” said the source.

His father who is said to be an Islamic cleric reportedly died over 25 years ago. Balarabe’s mother, on the other hand, is from a royal house in Jalingo which she relocated to shortly after the death of her husband.

“Tijjani is from a reputable home. His father was an Islamic cleric who was well respected in the community. All the children are decent, and I can tell you that this came to us as a surprise and many people cannot believe that Tijjani is in any way connected to the killing of the police officers or have anything to do with Hamisu Wadume,” a source said.

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