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This beautiful and simple wedding got the internet buzzing (Photos)


Nigerian weddings are often done with ridiculously huge budgets, as they generally attract a large number of guests, invitees, socialites, and people in the political class. But this wedding, apparently a Nigerian wedding done overseas was quite simple, and you can tell the budget wasn’t huge as what you would expect in a typical Nigerian setting.

Looking through the photos, one can count the number of persons present, the Church was quite empty, only a hand full of persons were seen. The reception is unbelievable, just a dining table with around 10-15 persons setting around it. You can tell there was no special venue for the reception, apparently its the groom’s house.

Another interesting thing about the wedding is the fact that there was no best man, no groom’s men, and no bridal train neither was there a chief bride’s maid and yet everything looks glamorously done. This should debunk the fact that weddings can be done cheaply and glamorously too without having to spend too much money, after all, all you truly need are your family and a few good friends (and that is truly optional)

Here is a gallary of the wedding photos:


Simple Nigerian Wedding


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